GIS Portfolio

GIS & Geology Portfolio

The work shown here represents a range of efforts from undergraduate field work in geology to statistical analyses performed while earning GIS certification.

Neighborhood Health Analysis

What is the relative health of neighborhoods in Denver, CO?  This poster represents spatial analysis of combined chronic health conditions for neighborhoods in Denver, CO. Data from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment was run through ModelBuilder to produce a final data set for analysis with various ArcMap spatial analysis tools.

Ski Resort Revegetation Analysis

What is the revegetation rate of ski slopes at closed resorts?  Operating resorts in Colorado number about 30.  Resorts closed number nearly 150.  Using remote sensing tools and techniques it was found that between 1988 and 2015 little, if any revegetation occurred at the study area.  Future efforts to determine revegetation rates should assess multiple closed resorts to better answer the primary question.

Geology Field Work

Structural geology of Punta Judas, Costa Rica.  Hand-drawn in 1987, this map represents the culmination of several months of independent field work done for my senior thesis as a geology undergraduate.  The field work and research included observing, measuring, and mapping the strikes and dips of almost 200 faults exposed in the sedimentary layers at low-tide.  During the field research period I lived in a community of about 100 individuals, learned Spanish, and participated in events such as learning to net fish.

Species Diversity & Distribution Mapping

What message do you want to convey?  Who is your audience?  These images represent different methods to convey similar data. On the left, using pie charts, the map shows the relative abundance of four species.  The image on the right uses four maps to represent the diversity of the same four species.  These maps were created for professional use by a colleague.

Additional Work Samples